Hi, I'm Geoff Swift, an Author from Scotland.

I am the author of 'The Zak and Rory' series, 'The Witch, The Cat and Jack' a trilogy of Witch stories and a coloring book. Also 'Brian The Beetroot's Haircut' and 'Max The Rabbit's Close Encounters' books. Which is a series of young reader books with an environmental element.

I enjoy the outdoors and travelling. I am a keen walker, skier and golfer when not writing. I have given primary school talks, and love the engagement, feedback and questions the young learners give. Listening and engaging with the young learners, I am impressed with their approach to learning and the environment.

As the future of the world is in their hands, the future looks good.

I am currently working on 'Tommy The Mouse's Nighttime Adventures'

Selected work

The Friendly Giant Called Zak and his Friend Rory the Misnamed Monster

A giant of the oceans (Zak) and a so-called monster (Rory) meet and become friends. They agree to travel the world’s oceans and seas together. During their travels, they meet many creatures that are friends of Zak and who become friends with Rory as well. There are, however, some creatures that wish to attack Rory when Zak is not around. And so, the adventures begin.

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Rory Never Learns

Zak and Rory continue their travels around the world's oceans and seas. This time Rory convinces Zak against Zak's wishes to swim in the Mediterranean Sea. Being friendly and inquisitive, Rory gets too close to humans. He is spotted and, being a rare plesiosaur, hunted along with Zak across the Mediterranean until Rory is captured and carried off. Zak must come up with a plan and needs the assistance of unlikely allies to try to free Rory. Zak's plan amazes everyone, but will it work? Will Rory escape to carry on his travels and adventures with Zak?

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Zak and Rory’s

Toughest Journey

Having left the Mediterranean Sea, Zak and Rory continue their adventures and travels towards New Zealand. Along the way they meet Zak’s family and a new friend, Rodger the Leatherback Turtle, and encounter a huge natural disaster. The duo and Rodger help a human sailing family fight a monster from the deep. They assist them in getting to safety on a nearby island. Having survived a natural disaster and fighting monsters from the deep, the duo leaves to fight for Zak’s life against the most skilful and the worst of monsters they encounter—humans. Zak is relentlessly chased by whalers who want to kill him. However, Rory saves the day so he and Zak can continue on to New Zealand.

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The Witch, The Cat and Jack

Follow Jack's magical adventures with two unexpected visitors!

A Trilogy of Witch stories and a drawing book.

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Brian the Beetroot's Haircut

Garden vegetable friends face a hungry intruder who wants to eat them. Can they be saved? What or who, could come to their rescue? Or, will they end up in the soup?

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Pirates, Predators and Penguins

Further Adventures With Zak and Rory

Zak and Rory rescue the Emperor Penguins from a deadly foe. After a day of playing, they ask Zak to tell them a story. Zak enthrals them with a pirate adventure on The Spanish Main. Zak and Rory leave their friends and head North where they are met by an old friend who warns them that the Whalers are ahead. Rory however, comes up with a plan. Will it work, will it save the whales?

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Meadow friends face hungry predators who want to eat them.

A close encounter!

Will they survive?

A fun reading book for 7 to 9 year old's.

The companion to 'Brian the Beetroot's Haircut' and

'Tommy The Mouse's Nighttime Adventures' To be published

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Get in touch at 1geoff.swift@gmail.com